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SL800 Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

SL800 Corrugated Pipe Production Line could produce pipes from an inner diameter 200mm to inner diameter 800mm.
Suba plastic pipe making machine SL800 achieves producing high quality double wall pipes with high speed and less energy. By continuous technological innovation Suba sets the world development trend in the plastic pipe extrusion machinery industry.
SL800 corrugator uses the horizontal structure design and closed loop water cooling system. Suba machinery provide you the durable complete provide line with imported PLC control system. SL800 achieves high production speed, high automatic degree, low energy consumption and easy operation.

Durable complete pipe production line SL800 includes the following configuration:

Automatic feeding machine--- vacuum technology;
Hopper--- with drying function;
Single screw extruders ---for inner and outer extrusion;
Corrugator--- horizontal closed loop water recycled cooling system;
Cooling tank--- Water and air cooling together;
Cutting machine--- Precise trigger device;
Stacker--- Automatic stacking equipment
Extruder--- By using the buffer forced feeding section, the main motor power consumption of the extruder reduces about 30%. A 36:1 large L/D ratio extruder achieves higher efficiency and more stable product extrusion.
Die head--- The wall thickness, partial wall adjustment of the die head can be adjusted while the whole production line is working, and the patented design makes sure the adjustment very convenient and quickly. Reduced flow time in the die head.
Corrugator--- Open, no platform, closed loop water cooling design makes sure the high output of the pipe production machine. Patented design of the water recycled cooling system ensures the high production speed and fastest change over time of the mould blocks. When changing mould blocks no need to disassemble water pipes.
Cooling tank--- Water is totally recycled. High pressure and valume dryers ensure no water is left on the pipe.
Cutting machine--- Suba pipe extrusion line also provides the most durable and useful cutting machine, high precision, no waste. Dual hydraulic system ensures smooth operation. Precise trigger device ensures continuously precision cutting.
Stacking machine--- Automatic stacking machine speed the production performance and decrease workers fatigue.

The main specification of SL800 pipe extrusion line:

Suitable pipe diameter

200-800 DN/ID (mm)

Installed power

650 kw

Mould block number

36 pairs

Chain length

6333 mm

Max. output

1600 kg/h

Max. operating speed

5.5 (m/min)

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